Line up cards & Ejections (Western Counties Baseball)

PrintLine up cards & Ejections
This year Western Counties will be using line-up cards at all levels.  This is to ensure all our officials know to properly use a line-up card once Oba playoffs occur.  The line-up cards will also help track incidents when they occur.  Last year we had reports of incidents, however, we had difficulty tracking who made the infraction due to line-up cards not being used on a regular basis.
Also please remind your umpires of the following report if they eject a player or coach.  This helps us track the number of ejections and apply suspensions when necessary.

WCBA Umpire Ejection Report Form

There is another form Western Counties would like to see used more frequently.  This form is used when there is a general area of concern (e.g., parents swearing, or making fun of an official).  Western Counties are always looking for ways to improve. Please use this form if there is something we need to be aware

Umpire General Concern Report

If you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected]