WCBA Umpire Ejection Report Form (Western Counties Baseball)

WCBA Umpire Ejection Report Form
This form is to be used by umpires for ejections from WCBA league games and league tournaments. Please complete within 48 hours of the ejection. This form will be automatically submitted to the WCBA Umpire in Chief and WCBA secretary.
You can find a copy of the Western Counties Baseball Association (WCBA) Constitution here:


The section dealing with Discipline is found on page 15.

Game Information

Umpire Information

Ejection / Reporting Information

Additional Information

Please provide any additional information that you believe should be reported.

Upon submitting this report, a copy will be sent to the WCBA Umpire In Chief, secretary and other staff who will review this report. You will also receive a copy of this report to the email address that you provided.