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    Umpire Reference Material
    Created: Jan 22, 2022 8:07 PM, Updated: Apr 15, 2023 8:38 PM
    This folder contains bulletins, clarifications or study material for current or aspiring umpires.
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    9U River League Rules
    Rules allowing two defensive coaches in the outfield.
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    LKSSAA Baseball Rules
    LKSSAA Baseball Playing Rules
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    ON Deck Baseball Ontario
    Here's the online version of OnDeck. It can be used to reference Rowan's Law, Baseball Rules and Proper Positioning.
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    December Meeting Presentation Slides
    Presentation slides from the December 2021 umpire brainstorming meeting.
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    Umpire Ejection Report Notes
    Read the attached if you have ejected a player / coach / person from a game.
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    Umpire Uniforms
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    2 Umpire Positioning Manual
    Baseball Canada - 2 Umpire Positioning Manual
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    3 Umpire Positioning Manual
    Baseball Canada - 3 Umpire Positioning Manual
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    4 Umpire Positioning Manual
    Mechanics Concepts 1. The guideline here is based on the play most likely to happen. 2. The crew needs to communicate and work together at all times. 3. WBSC umpires do not work together an entire season. Therefore mechanics are kept simple and consistent all over the world. 4. The practice of rimming is an acceptable practice for WBSC umpires. 5. In many cases umpires have to split the difference and react. 6. Most important is trust your instincts.
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    Umpire Practice Test
    Practice Test - Answers to the questions are also found in this section.
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    Umpire Practice Test - Answers
    Answers for the practice test.
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    Subscribing to your schedule
    This article will help you add your umpire schedule to your smartphone's calendar.
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    Entry Level Umpire Training Document
    Have a read through this document for basic instructions, Questions and Answers.
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    Umpire Equipment Link 1
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    Umpire Equipment Link 2
    Canadian Based
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    2023 Umpire Manual
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    Umpire Levels & Requirements
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    9U Umpiring Student Workbook
    As provided by the OBA.
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